Are Advantages of Acupuncture Real?

Studies and research have proved that acupuncture assists in actively reducing the discomforts of many diseases and prolonged ailment. It is an alternative way of addressing any condition or illness based on the stimulation of specific anatomic locations in the body, generally known as acupuncture points. This has undergone a long journey from being thought of as quack science to a proven medical therapy. With each passing day its popularity seems to be heading like a rocket. Today it is also included in a number of insurance policies as part of health and medical treatment.

Now it has been proven beyond question that acupuncture is effective and beneficial in many diseases, even in migraines, sex health issues, useful in keeping pain in check after C- section, treating a depressive disorder, keeps the anxiety and stress level of IVF patients under check, works efficiently in reducing back pain, and helps in treating insomnia. It even gives you absolute flexibility from the deep clutches of allergy issues.

So what is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture may be a standard way of medical treatment, having its root in the ancient Chinese civilization, somewhere three thousand years old back. It works on the concept there are certain ways of energy flow (Qi) in the human body. Any disturbance in that energy flow gives invitations to health problems. With the aid of acupuncture these disturbances in the energy flow could be rectified at acupoints near to skin.

Acupuncture technique had not been involved in the western European medicine till the time; United States President Richard Nixon been to the far east in 1972. Following that its reputation in the western medicine started out surging immediately.

Exactly how Acupuncture is an alternative treatment
Acupuncture is not a single way, however a whole range of procedures which involves stimulation of the bodily points either on or into the skin through different ways. The most prevalent mechanism utilized for acupuncture to stimulate the anatomical points will be the penetration of a fine clean pin directly into skin. It is done either manually or by a technique of electrical stimulation. Further some sort of pressure or heat can be incurred to improve the effects of stimulation. Some other methods of stimulation can also be adopted in acupuncture treatment including body message, heat therapy, cupping where a local suction is created. In some cases, tropical herbal medicines or some other herbal tropical preparation is applied on the skin.

Most recent Scientific Research has also further enhanced the good effects of acupuncture on the endocrine system and immunity mechanism, central nervous system, digestive tract and cardiovascular system. In acupuncture treatment blocked energies in the body are released and then the functions are stimulated that gives the patient a sense of well being and relaxation.

How much time does it takes to show outcomes?
The total number of treatments that the patient might need differs from individual to individual and also from situation to situation. Much depends also on the seriousness of the illness. Some patients respond very positively on the very first sitting itself. For long-term cases one to two sittings each week for several months may be necessary.